Spoiler is a free Slack add-in to warn your team of possible spoilers. Want to discuss the latest game or meme but a certain someone has not gotten around to it yet? Be the courteous one and warn your team that a spoiler lies ahead.


Step 1 - Install (Once)

Click the button below to install the app.

Add to Slack

Step 2 - Contain the Spoiler

There are 2 ways to use Spoiler for Slack. Either enter the interactive workflow via global shortcut or use the slash command. The choice is yours, but the interactive workflow will support more options and provide a more intuitive interface.

Usage via Global Shortcut

Click on the lightning bolt icon near the text input bar to open the shortcut menu. Click on New Spoiler to initiate the interactive workflow.

spoiler interactive demo

Usage via Slash Command /spoiler

From any Slack channel or private group simply type:

/spoiler Darth Vader is Luke's father

Optionally include a subject or title regarding the spoiler:

/spoiler Darth Vader is Luke's father [You'll never guess who Luke's dad is]

Step 2 - Reveal

A bot will respond with a message indicating a spoiler has been posted with a button to reveal the text for each individual.

spoiler message example